About project:

A platform that combines the services of printing and sending letters.
We developed a service that provides an opportunity to automate work with correspondence and send various physical letters online.

The platform has integration with printers and the API of the national post, which allows to speed up and optimize the process of sending letters.

Development technologies:

  • Java


  • React


  • HTML


  • CSS


  • MariaDB


  • Hibernate


  • JUnit


  • Mockito


  • Maven


  • Spring Boot

    Spring Boot

  • Spring Security

    Spring Security

  • Redis


  • Raspberry P

    Raspberry P

  • Flutter



  • Platform
  • Public Sector
  • UI/UX Design
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  • Platform
  • Public Sector
  • UI/UX Design


The main task was to create a sense of trust in the platform and also make a functionally convenient design so that the user can navigate the platform and easily perform the necessary tasks.

Design Goal

The design of the platform was developed by taking into account the best user experience practices. The needs and tasks of the business were worked out and on the basis of this data, an info architecture for wirefram’s and further design work was built. The design takes into account all 10 heuristics and also brings maximum value for the business

Design System

Color Pallete. We chose green because in psychology it means growth, development, prosperity, stability, and new beginnings.
Iconography. The line width is 2 px. We round the corners but keep the ends sharp. Sharp and soft shapes rhyme with the logo.
Grid System. We used a grid in multiples of 4px for the components of the design system and to build the baselines of the font. This rule allowed us to achieve visual accuracy and consistency in the selection of element sizes and margins on the page.

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Services Integration

Integration with the Ukrposhta API is configured to automate registrations and control shipments on the platform.
The platform also integrates with the widget of the government authority – the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Online Editor

The online editor allows you to create letters layouts right on the platform for the required print format. Simple functionality and a clear interface will help you easily create individual templates and impress your recipients.
You can also choose a free design from the list of ready-made templates offered by the platform.

Address Book

The platform provides an opportunity to add and store recipients’ addresses in one place – manually or using the Import Address function. Customers can also create groups of contacts for convenient handling of shipments.

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Separate Application for Printing Managers

To simplify the work of print managers, we have developed a special application for Android, which is installed on a tablet.

Account Balance

An easy-to-use account balance that is replenished in two ways: by bank card or by paying the bill. In the Transaction History section, the client can view detailed information about his own payments.